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"Former dancer, choreographer, and all-around creative, Denver-based Arielle Zella takes the stage with her newest art form: jewelry."

"Zella's deeply held belief is that play is a pathway to authenticity and joy. It's a philosophy that's led her to design one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that feel like wearable art."

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“Zella’s whimsical designs are not joyful and easy to wear — feel-good pieces that instant boost your style and spirit” 

"My approach to building this business from day one has been telling myself “you can not fail, you can only learn”. So I don’t see mistakes, struggles, or challenges as anything other than the natural consequences of taking a risk and doing something that I’ve never done before. I know that there is no path to achieving my goals that doesn’t involve going through this part of it. Everyone who has ever achieved anything has been in this same position before too. And so when things come up that are hard or perhaps unwelcome, I trust in my ability to handle it and then try to understand the lessons I can from the experience and keep it moving forward."

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