Be Bold. Be Remarkable. Be You.

A woman wearing LÚDERE knows she can take on anything. She approaches her life believing that anything is possible.




What customers are saying

The earrings are amazing. I’ve never seen anything like them before. Whenever I wear them, everyone asked me where did you get them?

Glenda C.

This ring is so beautifully made; I love the very unique look, the weight, and the way it fits my finger. It’s so shiny that I find myself looking at it every couple of minutes. I can’t wait to add more of your jewelry to my collection.

Rina G.

My new favorite ring! I love how unique and playful this ring is! I’ve already received compliments on it and it’s great quality too. Highly recommend!

Lindsay G.

I love the unique designs of Ludere Jewelry! Truly beautiful! From the beautiful website, the beautiful and playful packaging, to the lovely high-quality jewelry itself, this jewelry is perfect!

Charlotte A.

This ring makes me so happy.. every time I wear it it brings me such joy it is truly a beautiful and special piece of jewelry.

Cynthia P.

I enjoy wearing these earrings because they are unlike anything I’ve seen and I get lots of compliments. They are easy to put on and very comfortable.I will be buying more pieces from this collection.

Mona P.

Not your common gold hoops these earrings are so much more stylish and interesting.. every time I wear them (which has become practically every day) I receive so many compliments! Beautiful creative jewelry designs.

Maryann C.

Bold!! I love how unique they are!I’ve gotten so many compliments on both the earrings and ring I got. I love how they’ve become my go to night out staples. Will definitely be getting more.

Alexandra P.


Shop the look

Shop the look

A Dream, Aloud Earrings
A Dream, Aloud Earrings - LÚDERE

A Dream, Aloud Earrings

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Gold Silver
Gold Silver
Take My Hand, We’ll Run Forever Ring
Take My Hand, We’ll Run Forever Ring - LÚDERE

Take My Hand, We’ll Run Forever Ring

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There’s No Stopping Us Necklace
There’s No Stopping Us Necklace - LÚDERE

There’s No Stopping Us Necklace

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LÚDERE is a jewelry brand & design studio by artist Arielle Zella. LÚDERE means “to play”. Arielle creates joyful, uncommon, and easy-to-wear mini sculptures for the body in 14k solid gold, gold vermeil, and sterling silver with natural gemstones. LÚDERE jewelry is meant to inspire you to embrace your authentic self & to live life as play. 

Vision & values
Be Bold
Be Remarkable
Be You

What does it mean to live life as play?

To me, this means approaching life with a sense of exploration and wonder. It means placing less value on outcomes and more value on the journey and process. A life lived as play is not one devoid of achievement. Rather, it is one that understands that accessing our true creativity and our sense of purpose comes from continual investigation and discovery. Living life as play allows us to overcome perceived boundaries and limitations, creating space for our true potentials to flourish and thrive. From this place of freedom, and with our daily lives filled with joy and fulfillment, we are able to make our greatest impacts on society.

Using LÚDERE as my medium, I want to empower others to embrace the weird and wonderful parts of themselves that they have been told make them strange, and help them to realize that these are actually their superpowers. To see that there is no such thing as perfection; only process, progress, and play along the way.

Jewelry that stands out and gives back

LÚDERE Jewelry proudly donates 1% of all sales towards efforts to support and empower our communities.