LÚDERE donates 1% from every sale to efforts that support and empower our communities

We believe strongly in the power giving back as central to achieving our mission. 

We feel that a percentage of sales—not profit—is the most transparent way to calculate donations. Because profit is calculated after all expenses are paid out, including salaries, small businesses like ours usually anticipate a small profit for the first few years. If our profit is small, that means our donation is even smaller. For us, that’s not good enough. We want to do as much as possible for our community! It’s important to us that we live up to our mission to give back and raise others up.

With our promise to donate 1% of sales, you can always be confident that some of your purchase is directly helping others.

This year, we are proud to be partnering directly with GIRLS INC. of Metro Denver

This year, we are proud to be partnering directly with GIRLS INC. of Metro Denver

For the 2024 season, we have decided to focus our efforts on empowering the future women in our own community by partnering with the wonderful charity Girls Inc. of Metro Denver.

Through their programing at their campus on West Colfax and in local Denver schools, Girls Inc. of Metro Denver equips girls to achieve academic success, lead healthy and physically active lives, and advocate for themselves and others. They provide a pro-girl environment, mentorship, and research-based programming that helps girls learn to believe in themselves, build lasting skills, and achieve their goals.

By supporting Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, we are helping to ensures that girls in our community receive the tools, mentorship, and resources needed to dream big and achieve even bigger.

Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Learn More about Girls Inc. Of Metro Denver